“Working with Wendy was great. She is very accommodating and professional.” Flora Fine Foods
Wendy was friendly and helpful and a joy to chat with.
Makin’ Bacon Podcast
Working with Wendy was a positive and delightful experience. She’s has such a zest for life and her passion to motivate is impactful. Look forward more collaborations in the future!
Mar; Brazen Bosom

” Wendy was positive and enthusiastic, we loved her content creation.” Oteas
As a guest on Wendy’s IG Live I had the opportunity to share what The Blogger Union is all about during an engaging conversation. Wendy has an audience that turns to her for uplifting vibes, recommendations, and genuine kindness. It’s always a pleasure working with Wendy.
Paola Mendez, The Blogger Union
“Working with Wendy was amazing! She is very nice and helpful, we had some delays and she was ready to fix the issues, etc! Definitely we will be working together!” Tradicion Peruana
” Wendy was enthusiastic about our products and was able to reach a broad audience for us!” Firepot
Wendy is a pleasure to work with because of her professionalism and positive attitude.  Her unique and interesting voice keeps her followers (including me) coming back for more.  Plus, her hard work and dedication separate her from other influencers in her space.  I would highly recommend working with Wendy! 
Michelle S. – The Trav Nav

Let’s build something together.