Montreal, Canada

On June 2019, we went for the first time to Canada and we stayed in the beautiful Montreal. 

This was a family trip, to celebrate my niece’s birthday and baptism, the only small little detail was that I took my two kids and no one in my entire family knew. I booked their flights four months ago and we kept the secret until we surprised them all, at the Airport. The happiness was huge and the shock too!! 
We all stayed at my sister’s house and I even took an inflatable bed so my kids can sleep there since my sister was not aware of my surprise.

Here I will leave some suggestions for your next trip to Montreal.


Lunch At Andalos:
Wow, I wish we had this place In Miami, here you can find a huge variety of products and their sweets are to die for.  We had so many things…
Knafe with bread and when I saw that I almost died. Knafe is my favorite dessert, made out with cheese, semolina, and sweet syrup with Arabic spices. 
We also had the meneesh (bread with delicious Arabic spices) we chose half meneesh half cheese. They added tomatoes, pickles, and mint. After they wrapped it and put it on the oven to warm up. You will not believe me when I tell you how tasty this was. The different flavors along with the moist bread were simply perfect. I had ayran along with the yummy meal!! Ayran is a yogurt drink.

L’Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal: 
This place is gorgeous, you need to go !!!
My sister drove to the top of this mountain where this basilica is located. Such an impeccable and peaceful place.  We loved it and felt amazing, plus the architecture is so pretty. 

Chocolats Favoris:
We loved it because of their amazing taste, cute decoration, a huge variety of things to eat on their menu, reasonable prices, and so much more. We had an s’mores ice cream cone. The vanilla ice cream inside our cone was sensational and that chocolate was delicoussssssssss. So thick and tasty. This place is a must in Canada!

Patisserie Al-Sham:
My mom and sister were dying to take me to this place because they love their Arabic patisserie. I had two cookies and they brought me so many childhood memories… yes!! I have Arabic background. 
The white cookie; greibe; is like a butter cookie with Arabic essences. 
The other one; maamol; are stuffed with pistachios and walnuts, plus the pour powder sugar to make it look even better. 

Boucherie D’ Orient:
Wow, my sister took me to this place to get some of the meat that she wanted for her BBQ. 
They have from Syrian groceries, all the way from spices, sweets, teas to coffee. The coffee, by the way, it’s fresh and they sell them on complete coffee grounds and they grind them right there in front of you so I can not get any fresher than that. 
We had their amazing sandwiches and oh my God that has to be the best sandwich I have had in my life.  The meat was so tender and juicy and it was grilled right in front of us, they put it on pita bread, with hummus, fresh salads, and other dips. 
After they do that they put it back to the charcoal to grill it. That bread was crispy and then meat incredible. 

Patisserie Mahrouse:
I finally went to Mahrousé after trying my mom’s amazing treat she used to bring us from Canada. As soon as we entered at this small cute patisserie the smell of the sugar, butter, and delicious Arabic spices made my heart so happy as I was touched by the smells, looks, and tought of my parent’s country, Syria. 
We ended up going three times and I wish I went more. I tried: 
Lokum, freshly fried and with this tasty syrup on top. 
Baklava and other sweets that are in my pictures.
But my favorite was the namura because besides the fact that they did it amazing they put whole pistachios on top. 
Shukran Mahrousé!! Thank you Mahrousé!!

Because my parents are Arabic and also from Syria I know exactly how well prepared the food at this place was. So fresh, with amazing ingredients. We started with some appetizers, the hummus was so delicious! They put some steak on top let me tell you that it was soooo tender, practically melting in your mouth. Then we had raw kibbe and it was beyond amazing, soft, tasty, and with gorgeous color.

Ya Salam!!! What an ice cream, just thinking about it makes me happy and emotional at the same time.
I felt so happy to see my Dad admiring the owner making this ice cream the way my dad used to see it over 50 years ago in Syria. The taste is out of this world, believe me!!!
It’s a creamy and almost sticky (like a gum) kind of ice cream. They have many flavors at this spotless shop.


$1.00 Canadian Dollar was equal to a $0.76 USA Dollar.

We went from June 12th to June 19th and the weather was cool, with the lowest on the 60’s Fahrenheit and the highest in the ’70s. That was cold for my Miami bones.

We stayed in Montreal and they speak in French and English. But mostly French.

Attractions: CF Carrefour Laval.
3035 Boulevard le Carrefour
Laval, QC H7T 1C8 Canada

Mont Tremblant:
The weather was fine and that helped too. They offer many options for great things to do.

Skyline Louge:
How much fun!!!
My kids, my nephews, and my brothers-in-law went and it was a great experience. 
Yes I was scared but it was so cool. I enjoyed the gorgeous view of this beautiful place as I went down the mountain hill.
I paid $36 for the three of us.

As you can see the thing we did the most on this trip was EAT!!! and I loved it. I hope you liked it. Please leave your comment and opinions on the box below and share this article with your family and friends.
I would like to thank my entire family and especially my sister for being the best host and tour guide I could ever ask for!!

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  1. <3 Great post Wendy! Love the pics! That Mont Tremblant sky tho <3 Heading there for a camping trip next weekend (in the woods part of Tremblant)

    Holla when you come back! You still have lots to try!

    1. Awww thank you So much for reading it, like it, especially for all your tips that were very useful when I was there. I hope to go back again and meet you, have a wonderful camping trip!!!

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