Taste-Celebrity Chef Edition

Taste-Celebrity Chef Edition was superb!

This event was in the SLS south beach hotel at the Hyde and it was filled with amazing chefs from one of the most luxurious restaurants, here in Miami Beach.

Chefs from Bazaar by Jose Andres, Le Zoo, Naiyara, Katsuyan, Lucali, Pubbely, Perla, Mdough, KyuMiami, The Setai: Jaya, Federal Donuts, Filia and my personal favorite: Cleo Mediterráneo !!!

As soon as we walked in, the music of the wonderful DJ Danny Stern was a fantastic background for this outdoor event in the pool area of the Hyde Beach Hotel. All the Chefs were getting ready to drives us crazy with their magic. The show started with the one and only Chef Katsuyan, as he sliced a huge, fresh Tuna right there in front of all of us. Check out my pictures and please notice the unbelievable color of this Tuna. Later on he went to his station where he made sushi.

Let me just talk about the ones I remember and loved the most because everything was delightful;

1. For deserts, yes I’m starting backwards, I loved the s’mores made by Chef Morales from Bazaar by Jose, sweet, crunchy on the bottom, phenomenal chocolate taste and the marshmallow was roasted on top, right there at the moment I was going to eat it.

2. The fresh spicy tuna sushi made for the amazing Chef Katsuyan and as I said before, he was making it on the spot. There’s no way it can get any better than this.

3. The steak tartare by the sweet and talented Chef Julian Baker from Le Zoo, it was actually one of my two favorites of the night. I still can savor that delicious steak, the outstanding olive oil and the texture that I loved. I even went twice, yes, twice. Very unusual from me because I don’t like to repeat, but my friends, things like that don’t come back. I was in heaven last night as I enjoyed this tartare. Wow!

4. Last but most definitely not least, the PERFECT lamb shawarma by Dan Bufford from Cleo Mediterráneo. Oh my Goodness, let me try to explain why I liked it so much.

The bread was not your typical pita bread, it was made by them from scratch and cooked on the grill. I could live eating that bread. Then the lamb also cooked to perfection, was tender and with so much flavor, plus the not too spicy sauce. If I could I would eat another one but it was so filling that I couldn’t. The way the Chef treated us and explained the culture of he’s cuisine and the restaurant was simply beautiful. They bring the best of all the Mediterranean countries’ food. Wonderful job!

As you can read and see in my pictures I enjoyed so much this event and I thank Coral Gables Love for my tickets, because without you I wouldn’t be able to try this unique plates from all this exquisite Chefs.

Taste-Celebrity Chef Edition fue excelente!
Este evento fue en el hotel SLS south beach en el Hyde y estaba lleno de increíbles chefs de uno de los restaurantes más lujosos, aquí en Miami.
Chefs del Bazar de Jose Andres, Le Zoo, Naiyara, Katsuyan, Lucali, Pubbely, Perla, Mdough, KyuMiami, The Setai: Jaya, Federal Donuts, Filia y mi favorito: Cleo Mediterráneo!

1. Por los postres, sí, estoy comenzando de atrás hacia adelante, me encantaron los s’mores hechos por el chef Morales del bazar de José, dulces, crujientes en el fondo, un sabor fenomenal de chocolate y el malvavisco fue asado en la parte superior, justo en este momento Iba a comerlo.

2. El sushi fresco de atún picante hecho para el increíble Chef Katsuyan y como dije antes, lo estaba haciendo en el acto. No hay forma de que pueda ser mejor que esto.

3. El steak tartare del dulce y talentoso chef Julian Baker de Le Zoo, en realidad fue uno de mis dos favoritos de la noche. Todavía puedo saborear ese delicioso bistec, el excelente aceite de oliva y la textura que me encantó. Incluso fui dos veces, sí, dos veces. Muy raro de mi parte porque no me gusta repetir, pero mis amigos, esas cosas no vuelven. Anoche estuve en el cielo disfrutando este tartar. Waoooo!

4. Por último, pero definitivamente no menos importante, el PERFECTO shawarma de cordero del Chef Dan Bufford de Cleo Mediterráneo. Oh, Dios mío, déjame intentar explicar por qué me gustó tanto.
El pan no era tu típico pan de pita, sino que fue hecho por ellos desde cero y cocinado a la parrilla. Podría vivir comiendo ese pan. Luego el cordero también cocinó a la perfección, era tierno y con mucho sabor, además de la salsa no demasiado picante. Si pudiera comería otro, pero fue tan abundante que no pude. La forma en que el chef nos trató y explicó la cultura de su cocina y el restaurante fue simplemente hermoso. Traen lo mejor de todos los alimentos de los países mediterráneos. Maravilloso trabajo.



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