Greek Festival

Another great Greek Festival at the St. Andrew Church. I loved everything as always; their food, drinks, sweets and dances. The ambiance is just great but my favorite part is to see the beautiful people of this church work hard to get this three days event going. They are all volunteers working hard to help the church.

I also love to see the little kids working hard after they performed the Greek dances on stage. You can feel the family and country culture.

Going back to the food… omg wow!!

Lamb Gyro; delicious, freshly made with the lamb the roasted right there in front of us, tzatziki ( Greek yoghurt dip), tomatoes, lettuce and onion served inside the amazing bread I love.

Lamb with Greek rice: no words, it taste extremely good and I felt I was eating my Mom’s food. That’s why I love this festival’s food because they are all homemade and it makes it extra special.

We had Greek beers and the famous Ouzo and we loved them.

Maybe you should consider going next year and join me at the end on the night, dancing on the stage with all the people that couldn’t resist the contagious music and danced like me.

Thank you so much for everything and see you next year, OPA!

All of these sweets were made by the wonderful ladies at the church…Impressive.

Otro gran festival Griego en la Iglesia de San Andrés. Me encantó todo como siempre; su comida, bebidas, dulces y bailes. El ambiente es genial, pero mi parte favorita es ver a las personas hermosas de esta iglesia trabajando duro para que este evento de tres días continúe. Todos son voluntarios que trabajan arduamente para ayudar a la iglesia.

También me encanta ver a los niños pequeños trabajando duro después de que realizaron las danzas Griegas en el escenario. Puedes sentir el ambiente familiar y la cultura del país.

Volviendo a la comida … Dios mío!
Lamb Gyro; delicioso, recién hecho con el cordero asado justo delante de nosotros, tzatziki (salsa de yogur Griego), tomates, lechuga y cebolla servidos dentro del increíble pan que amo.
Cordero con arroz Griego: sin palabras, sabe extremadamente bien y sentí que estaba comiendo la comida de mi mamá. Es por eso que amo la comida de este festival porque todos son caseros y lo hace muy especial.

Tomamos cervezas griegas y el famoso Ouzo y nos encanto.

Muchas gracias por todo y nos vemos el próximo año, OPA!


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